Step 2: Install Mobile App

The PhoneGap Developer App is a mobile app that runs on devices and allows you to preview and test the PhoneGap mobile apps you build across platforms without additional platform SDK setup. It automatically provides access to the PhoneGap core APIs providing instant access to the native device features without having to install any plugins or compile anything locally. It's meant to provide an easy way for developers to get started creating and testing their PhoneGap applications quickly with minimal setup.

Install PhoneGap Developer

  1. Locate the free PhoneGap Developer app from one of the following supported app marketplaces and install it to your mobile device:

  2. Once installed, tap the PhoneGap Developer app icon from your home screen to open it:

    PhoneGap Developer App, iOS
  3. Once installed, move on to the next step where you will create your first PhoneGap app using the tool you selected in step 1.

    **NOTE:** The platform SDKs mentioned above refer to the software development kits Apple, Google and Microsoft provide to build applications for their platforms (iOS, Android and Windows respectively). When you're ready to take your mobile application development further or decide you want to build for each platform locally yourself, you can find the specific instructions for each platform in the PhoneGap Platform Installation Guides.
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