Multple PhoneGap Build users may want to work simultaneously on the same application. This feature can be found in your app settings, under the Collaboration tab.

Collaborators are invited via their email address. If a user account exists with the specified email, that user will be added to the application as a collaborator. Otherwise an email will be sent to the address inviting the user to sign up on PhoneGap Build.

Two collaboration roles exist on PhoneGap Build:

  • Developer: may update the application code and rebuild the application.
  • Tester: may view the app and download application packages.

Signing keys can be managed only by the owner of the application.


In addition, sharing can be enabled on individual applications, allowing unauthenticated visitors to access your application. In your app settings, simply check the "Allow public sharing" checkbox.

You can then share your app using the share url (, accessible by clicking on the share icon located under your app QR code.

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