Create a Project

There are multiple ways to create a project using PhoneGap Desktop; via the Plus (+) button, from the File menu or by drag and drop.

Create Project Options

1. Using the Plus Button

Click on the + button in the side menu shown below: Add Project Button

You will then be presented with the following options. Choose Create new PhoneGap project.

Create Project Button

2. Using the File Menu

Click File -> New Project in the menu bar to create a new project. You will be taken directly to the New Project Dialog explained below.

File New Project

New Project Dialog

Once you've chosen to create a new project you will be prompted with the STEP 1 of 2 | SELECT A TEMPLATE dialog where you can choose to create your app based on a template from the list shown. Each template has a brief description below the name indicating what type of project will be created. To select a template, click on the radio button next to it. In the image below, the Hello World template is selected.

Templates Dialog

Once you've selected the template you want to use, click on the green Next button. You will be taken to the STEP 2: PROJECT DETAILS dialog to enter the details about your app.

Create New Project Dialog

  1. Choose a folder where your project will be created in the Local path section.
**NOTE:** This path will default to the last path chosen once you've created your first project.
  1. Enter a name for your project in the Name section.

  2. Optionally enter a project ID in the ID text field. If you choose not to enter a project ID, your project will be given a default ID of com.phonegap.helloworld. This ID field will be used for the package identifier for Android and the bundle identifier for iOS and is typically in reverse domain style.

  3. Click on the Create project button. Your new project will be created and started on the local web server. The project created will be based on the default PhoneGap Hello World application.

Next Steps

You can now test out your new app by pairing it with the PhoneGap Developer App running on your mobile device.

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