Developer Console

When using the desktop app we have found that there are some people who have difficult to debug issues, particularly with launching the app or getting through project creation. We decided to add the developer console option so that we can help users to better understand what is causing these errors, but also so that they can provide us with this additional information in order to hopefully resolve the issue. Please do not confuse this with the server logs. This will NOT show the errors or logs from your apps, but only from the desktop app.

  1. To view the developer console, you can find the option in the file menu under "Help".

    Developer Console File Menu

  2. Once the developer console is open you will be able to inspect the desktop app and see any error messages that have been output.

    Developer Console

  3. If you see any error messages, please check our issue tracker to see if it has been reported already. If it hasn't then we encourage to please file a new issue!

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