Open a Project

There are multiple ways to open an existing project in PhoneGap Desktop, similar to project creation. Once your project is loaded into PhoneGap Desktop it will automatically become the active project and start running on the local web server. Then you can test it out by pairing it with the PhoneGap Developer App running on your mobile device.

Open Project Options

1. Using the Plus Button

To open an existing project, click on the + button in the side menu: Add Project Button

Choose Add existing PhoneGap project from the options presented: Create Project Button

2. Using the File Menu

Click File -> Open Project in the menu bar to open an existing project. File Open Project

3. Using Drag & Drop

You can also drag any file or folder onto the PhoneGap Desktop interface to add it to your list of projects. Locate the project you would like to add from you hard drive and drag it into the Desktop app in the area marked Drop PhoneGap project folders here: Drag Drop Location

Select Existing Project

After choosing one of the methods above, you will be prompted with a file selection dialog. Choose the root project folder for the existing PhoneGap project you wish to open in PhoneGap Desktop. It will immediately be set as the active project and started on the local web server.

Open existing project dialog

Next Steps

Once you've selected the folder that contains a valid existing project, it will be added to the list of projects displayed in PhoneGap Desktop's interface and started on the local web server. It's also ready to be paired with the PhoneGap Developer App for easy preview and testing.

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