Custom Build


  1. Open the command line application and clone the PhoneGap Developer app repo with the following command:

    C:\> git clone
  2. Ensure you change into the newly created project folder:

    C:\> cd <your-path>/phonegap-app-developer
  3. Next, cd into the www folder (<your-path>/phonegap-app-developer/www) and open the config.xml file. Modify the id attribute to set your own unique apo bundle id within the root widget element.

    <?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?>
    <widget id="" version="1.5.4" xmlns="" xmlns:gap="">
  4. Run the build command for the Win platform you're targeting on the command line in the root of the project:

    C:\> phonegap build wp8
  5. Once you've tested the app from your custom build locally on your Windows device and are ready to package for distribution, add the release flag:

     C:\> phonegap build wp8 --release

    Your newly built .xap app bundle will be created in the platforms folder under *phonegap-app-developer/platforms/wp8/Bin/Release/.xap

Video Demo

In this short video we are running a locally built version of the PhoneGap Developer app on a Windows Phone with the addition of a 3rd party Social Sharing plugin built into it for sending text messages and some visual updates to the color and label of the wrapper to show that it's a custom build.

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