PhoneGap CLI


The PhoneGap CLI provides a command line interface for creating PhoneGap apps as an alternative to using the PhoneGap Desktop application. The PhoneGap CLI was the main tool used for creating PhoneGap apps prior to PhoneGap Desktop and contains additional features over the PhoneGap Desktop for building, running and packaging PhoneGap applications for multiple platforms. The use cases for the PhoneGap CLI will vary depending on the user and level they want to use it:

  1. Paired with the PhoneGap Developer App
  2. Paired with PhoneGap Build
  3. Standalone

More details about these use cases can be found in the Installation guide.

Supported Platforms

The PhoneGap CLI is supported on Mac and Windows.

Guide Sections

The sections covered in this reference include:

**NOTE:** The PhoneGap CLI is built as a layer on top of the Apache Cordova CLI, so any command that can be used in Cordova is also supported by the PhoneGap CLI. This guide will detail the *additional* features that distinguish the PhoneGap CLI from the Cordova CLI and should be used along with the Cordova CLI Reference. For more details on the difference between PhoneGap and Apache Cordova, check out this page.
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