Lesson 10 - Add Favorites to Details

Now that there's an API available for favoriting items, you need to add some way to use it in the user interface so images can be favorited. A good place to do this is in the Details view.

In this lesson you will add a star icon to the navigation bar in the Details view that will be used to display and toggle the item's favorited status.

Implement the UI

  1. Open the Details.vue file
  2. Replace the current <f7-navbar.../> block with the following snippet which now includes an empty or filled star icon to indicate if this image is a favorite or not (filled=favorite, empty=not), based on an isFavorite property you will add shortly. This new icon also has a click handler set on it which needs to call a function to toggle its status. You may notice it also specifies a dynamic back-link property bound to a computed property backLink you will code below:

     <f7-navbar :back-link="backLink" sliding>
         <f7-link icon-f7="star_filled" @click="toggleFavorite"
         <f7-link icon-f7="star" @click="toggleFavorite" v-else />

    You should now have a star icon displayed on your navbar like in the image below:

    Stockpile Details

Add JavaScript Handling

There are some additional changes to make to the JavaScript to enable the favorites handling.

  1. In the computed properties block, add a new property called displayingFavorite to indicate if this item was selected off the favorites view or not. This code checks the route URL for the existence of a displayingFavorite parameter to determine if this view was a result of selecting an item in the favorites list or not.

     displayingFavorite () {
       const { displayingFavorite = false } = this.$route.query;
       return !!displayingFavorite;
    In the Favorites view lesson you added a method clickItem, which defined a displayingFavorite=true parameter in the path when the details page is loaded, to indicate when the view was shown from Favorites specifically.
  2. Define a new computed property for for backLink, which uses the displayingFavorite property defined above to determine where to go back to (either the Favorites list or Results list):

     backLink () {
       if (this.displayingFavorite) {
         return 'Favorites';
       } else {
         return 'Results';
  3. Add a computed property to check if an item is already a favorite by comparing id's to those in the existing favorites array:

     isFavorite () {
       const filteredFavorites =
         this.favorites.filter(favorite => favorite.id.toString() === this.id);
       return !!filteredFavorites.length;
  4. Update (or just replace) the item computed property with the following, to support an item being selected from the favorites view as well:

     item () {
       // Fallback default for when images* and favorites* are reset in
       //  the store
       if (this.displayingFavorite) {
         if (this.favoritesById && this.favoritesById[this.id]) {
           this.stockItem = Object.assign(
         return this.stockItem;
       if (this.imagesById && this.imagesById[this.id]) {
         this.stockItem = Object.assign(
       return this.stockItem;
  5. Add an import for the toggleFavorite function created previously in the favorites.js file, just under the import for moment.js:

     import { toggleFavorite } from '../../utils/favorites';
  6. Next, in your methods object, add the following toggleFavorite() method:

     toggleFavorite () {
       const { mainView: { router } } = this.$f7;
       if (this.displayingFavorite) {
         // let the animation happen before removing the fave
         setTimeout(() => {
         }, 410);
       } else {

    This code runs when the star icon is clicked to toggle the favorite status of the item. It will take a different course based on whether it was displayed as a result of a click on a Favorited list item or not:

    • If it was shown from the favorites list, it was already favorited, so clicking the star is essentially unfavoriting it, and as a result the item will be removed from the favorites array (via the API call to toggleFavorite). At this time the view is also reset (via router.back()).
    • If it was shown from the regular results list, the toggleFavorite function is called directly and the view does not need to reset (since the user could still unfavorite it again).

    Note that there are two toggleFavorite methods used above, an instance toggleFavorite method and the toggleFavorite method imported from the API defined in favorite.js. The instance method simply calls the API method of the same name.

Run it!

  1. Begin by doing a search and favoriting an item using the star icon.
  2. Ensure the icon toggles to a filled in star:

  3. Then use the side menu to navigate to your Favorites page and ensure you see your item added:

    Stockpile App

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